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About Secfix

Secfix automates security compliance for SMBs in Europe. We help companies get and stay compliant with standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR, TISAX, and SOC 2 in weeks rather than months. 

Our platform integrates with a company’s tech stack (such as GCP, AWS, Azure, Google Workspaces, Jira, Gitlab, etc.), automatically extracts the data needed for compliance, and creates a checklist to become and remain certified. Our fastest customer finished their certification in 4 weeks instead of 12+ months, typically seen from older institutions.

We raised pre-seed funding from top German angel investors and recently closed our seed round from leading UK and German VCs after impressive growth. Now, the goal (with your help) is to become the market leader.



  • You have deep knowledge and sound experience of at least 2 years developing user-friendly, responsive and animated Weblfow webpages with complex structure, fast. You can build a responsive, animated Webflow page within days, not weeks.

  • You have three or more years designing pages within a cross-functional team environment in Figma and can lead Figma landing page and execute without external help. You can collaborate with senior management, and various departments in a concise but enthusiastic manner. You can collaborate in Figma Comments, Slack, Notion Docs and other tools.

  • You are hacky. You don’t work on shaping a perfect idea for several weeks, instead you iterate on a simpler designs fast and get user feedback so you get the right things built fast.

  • Bonus: You have design skills, and a portfolio demonstrating your passion for designing clean, elegant, and beautiful landing pages both designed by you from scratch in Figma and Webflow better if these designs are for tech brands like SaaS business.

  • Bonus: You have experience in user research: you did user interviews and A/B tests before



  • You will be responsible for our entire landing page. You will be both the main landing page designer and Webflow developer who can build a pages fast without destroying existing classes and backend.

  • You will collaborate with the marketing, product, design and revenue teams on new pages, new designs, site optimization and improvements to website structure within webflow. Design and build consistent experiences across our web properties with reusable components. Design & build new pages within our Webflow instance. Create modern animations by leveraging Webflow’s capabilities.

  • You will do UX research including: A/B tests, Google Analytics, research experience using Hotjar/Fullstroy, and do user interviews early in the idea stage of Figma frames. You will support requests from other teams in updating the site’s content, building SEO, creating experiments. You know how to talk to users, do user tests and know YCombinator MVP lessons.

  • Optimize loading speeds and capacity, debug pages, and fix broken links or images. Ensure website consistency across all pages and other web properties.

  • Find areas of improvement and propose new and better solutions

  • An eye for detail. “Pixel perfect” Image optimization, Alt tags, SEO, social share images etc


You will stand out if you:

  • You are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for rapid prototyping in Webflow.

  • You are up-to-date with the latest web trends, techniques, and technologies.

  • Have experience in user research including setting up A/B test in Google Analytics, Hotjar/Fullstroy, and do user interviews early in the idea stage of a design.


Interview Process

  • 30 min Interview with Secfix chief of staff

  • 30 min Interview with Co-founder

  • Small paid Webflow trial project

  • If the trial project is successful, we will send you projects on a long-term basis!


Please note: We are an equal-opportunity employer and remote-only company. At this time, we can support hiring only within EU time zones. We work in sync using Gather as our virtual office. As a small fast-growing company, we believe in the need for an in-sync component of daily communication and therefore cannot support any 100% asynchronous work. Read more about our Remote Culture here.