Technical Support Engineer

November 23, 2023
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Job Description

Technical Support Engineer – Join Our Global Technical Support Team and Drive Excellence in Customer Solutions


Who are we?

We’re LMS365, and if you ask us, one of the most exciting SaaS growth cases. As a solution, we are the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams. As a company, we are a talented group of 200+ individuals making us small enough to be agile, yet large enough to professionalize and strive for world-class excellence in everything we do.


We have a mission to empower people to learn for life. For us learning is who we are, what we do, and all that we encourage. We believe in putting people over platform, centering authentic relationship building with our customers, and helping to transform the way people grow smarter.

What’s it like to work with LMS365?

We often describe LMS365 as a global playground where people are driven by passion and curiosity. Our team has also said that working with us is fun, dynamic, collaborative, innovative, and always supported by continuous learning.


At LMS365, we have a very strong intercultural foundation for our global team, which requires thoughtful collaboration and intentional teamwork. We’re dedicated to creating and upholding an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and supported. Our team members are passionate about their work and are driven to achieve goals, both personally and professionally. And though we believe in working hard, we also believe in having fun and enjoying ourselves while we empower learning across the world.


Intrigued to learn more? Check out our About us page.


Tell me about the role.

We thought you’d never ask. We are looking for a Technical Support Engineer whose goal is to build positive customer relationships and continuously improve support processes and LMS365 cloud products.


Working from our Erkrath office, you will be part of a dynamic Technical Support team located across Sydney, Bucharest, Warsaw, and the United States, where collaboration and knowledge sharing are central to the daily workflow.


As a Technical Support Engineer at LMS365, your role is critical to ensuring the smooth operation of the company’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform. You will be responsible for troubleshooting and resolving technical issues reported by customers and internal teams, ensuring that the LMS is always functioning optimally.


A day in the life of a Technical Support Engineer.
As a Technical Support Engineer, you’ll start your day by logging into our ticket system Zendesk, ready to become our clients’ superhero providing frontline communication to our customers in line with our Service Level Agreement. Armed with your technical expertise and positive attitude, you’ll be providing first-class communication to our clients, and helping them in their journey towards problem resolution.


Your day will be jam-packed with challenges as you’ll be handling technical issues that require some serious brainpower. But that’s not all – you’ll also be facing some political decisions that require your ninja customer service skills. You’ll need to be quick on your feet and remain calm under pressure to make sure our clients are satisfied with our services.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. You’ll be working closely with our amazing SRE team, and together you’ll resolve these issues in a timely manner so that our customers can continue their journey toward success with our learning management platform, LMS365.

Tell me about the benefits available.

We’d be happy to! As a team member at LMS365, you can enjoy:

  • Opportunity to work with a talented and passionate team that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration
  • Flexible work environment with the option to work from home or the office
  • Professional development opportunities and career growth within the company
  • Opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of learning in the flow of work and contribute to the success of our customers
  • Being a part of a global organization on an ambitious growth journey


Where is the job based?

This position is based in Germany with the availability to work fully remotely or in a hybrid fashion. We have an office in Erkrath for those who thrive in an office setting.

What skills or experience are we looking for?

Many, but this specific role would be a great fit if you have: 

  • 1.5+ years of B2B experience in technical support, software development, or related fields 
  • Experience with remote desktop support and using ticketing systems
  • Proficiency in Windows and Office 365 products
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure and cloud-based services, especially platforms like Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Knowledge of Agile framework and events
  • Knowledge of Rest API

What type of person succeeds in this role?

We’ve surveyed our current and past Technical Support Engineers, and some common traits that they share are: 

  • Stellar communication and interpersonal skills are key. You’ll need to simplify complex technical details in a way that anyone can grasp.
  • A solid grasp of English and German, both spoken and written, at an intermediate level or higher as it is crucial to connecting effectively with our diverse customer base in the DACH region.
  • An ability to tackle problems and troubleshoot with finesse as you’ll be the go-to person for resolving issues efficiently for our customers.
  • Last but not least, empathy. The ability to step into our customers’ shoes allows us to respond to their frustrations with the right level of urgency and care. It’s a trait that truly sets our team apart.


Anything else I should know?

Yes. That we don’t expect you to be a “perfect match” based on the role description. What does that mean?


It means that we celebrate the unique knowledge you can offer that might not be mentioned in this job post. We appreciate diversity in all forms, and that includes the backgrounds and past experiences of our team members. So, if you don’t work with every system we mentioned or aren’t an expert in every skill we listed, we still encourage you to apply. Because a growth mindset and an openness to learn are the most important to us. 


Alright. I’m intrigued. What are the next steps? 

Yay! We’re excited that you’re excited… or at least curious about working with us in the Technical Support Engineer role. We’ve tried to make the application process as streamlined and painless as possible. Below you can have a peek at our hiring process, so you know what to expect. 

  1. Click the apply button on this page (simple enough, right?)
  2. Next, you’ll be taken to another form where you’ll upload your resume, provide answers to a few additional questions, and only add a cover letter if you wish (you’re welcome)
  3. After the application is completed and you’ve clicked ‘Send,’ you’ll receive a confirmation email, so you know that your application has been received, safely and soundly.
  4. Within approximately 20 days, you will hear from our recruitment team for an update on your application.
  5. If our team thinks the role is a great match for your profile, we will reach out to schedule a first interview. This will normally be a 30-minute chat to hear more about you and we will also share more about LMS365. It’s like speed-dating but with a bit more information.
  6. After this conversation, we will provide feedback on our conversation and let you know if we’d like to keep progressing with you along the hiring journey. If we see a match, we’ll invite you along for a technical interview together with the hiring manager and two engineers from our Technical Support team. This will usually be 1-hour meeting (either over Teams or in person) where we like to dig deeper into your technical experience, knowledge of relevant technologies, and problem-solving skills.
  7. The next step typically includes a technical assessment, where you will be asked to complete a case to evaluate your knowledge and skills relevant to the Technical Support Engineer position. The assessment may include troubleshooting scenarios, technical questions, or practical tasks.
  8. Within an average of 35 days (we always like to shoot for sooner than later) you’ll know if it’s a “Yes, please!” or a “Maybe later” for joining our team. 

*Note: For all positions, references will be required to validate your wonderful application.

Well, that’s about it. We look forward to learning more about you and (hopefully) welcoming you onto the team soon!


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