Senior Platform Engineer – Fintech

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Job Description

About Tymit

At Tymit our mission is to give people the self-confidence to live life to the fullest by offering them credit that’s smart, flexible and honest.

That’s why we launched the world’s first instalment credit card – and why we’re now partnering with only the most iconic brands to bring the next generation of instalment experiences to their customers.

We believe that everyone deserves financial peace of mind, that credit should only work for you, and that tech will continue to transform the way to shop, pay and manage our spending.

Our talented and growing team is based in the UK, Spain and Greece, and we’re all committed to creating a diverse, fun work environment, with collaboration and the customer at the core of everything we do.

Following our £23m Series A round, closed in October 2022 and led by Frasers Group, we’re focused on our next phase of growth – and creating the future of instalment experiences.

Compensation & Perks

? The salary range of this role is £80,000 – £90,000 per annum, depending on experience.

? 25 days of paid holiday plus bank holidays.

? Your birthday off.

? Tymit is working fully remote, and all employees can remain working from home if they want, travelling to our offices when agreed with the team.

? If your preference is working from our office and working onsite with other Tymiteers, we have you covered with our offices in Madrid and London.

⏰ Flexible working hours.

? Additional days to attend conferences and workshops related to technology and/or events related to Tymit’s industry and sector.

? Budget for remote home expenses and home office set-up.

? Learning & Development is a big asset for us, and we count on a yearly budget.

? Private health insurance.

??‍?‍?? Referral program.

About the role

We’re looking for a Platform Engineer, a passionate person with some experience working in a Platform team following a DevOps philosophy. You will help us improve our platform, improving developers’ experience, reliability and scalability using a lean approach.

You will work with a techie, multi-disciplinary and lovers team which will give support across the company and integrate with all squads! We need you to help us with very attractive challenges in order to help Tymit scale to the numbers of users we are aiming for; in reliability, scalability, observability, and security!

We need you to help us with the main task: Apps migrations from clusters technologies (field project AWS ECS!), with the challenges, that this implies on Monitoring/Insights, Configuration, Logging, zero-downtime upgrades, CI/CD, all around this new technology which is being an amazing journey of tech learning and problem-solving.

About the culture

Be ready to join a company where collaboration is key. You will be expected to share knowledge and speak up, at the same time you have the ability to listen to others and consider their opinions. At Tymit we are also big fans of a good atmosphere and humour, prepare yourself to receive a bunch of GIFs.

Platform Engineers at Tymit collaborate with different squads giving support to Engineering areas. Within the team, you will find Fran, Diego, Héctor, Raul, Alejandro and Carl.

During your time at Tymit you will

  • Deliver and maintain required AWS infrastructure on the Squads following secure good configuration practices using IaC.
  • Integrate with engineering teams to cultivate with them and to create full CI/CD Pipelines with the required instrumentation; plus the required Infrastructure to deploy Tymit Microservices stack into our AWS ECS Fargate Clusters.
  • As a Senior role, you will help to define (SLIs, SLOs, etc.) and implement the observability (metrics, alerts, dashboards, etc..) in collaboration with other teams with business parameters.
  • Provide architectural design support to teams in the initial phases of new services, and review any security concerns that may scale from those.
  • As guardians of the security in Tymit; you will have to review/tweak/implement AWS services and human access policies in AWS IAM and AWS SSO.
  • Due to PCI Compliance requirements (being a regulated company) and as part of the Seniority of the role, you will have to babysit the different vulnerability testing/penetration testing around our Infrastructure + Services and plan contingencies from potential negative results.
  • As a Senior role, we expect you to give support and break silos to different teams with different domains (QA, Data Engineers, Backend engineers, Mobile, Data/Analytics, etc.), in order to break the ice on different technologies they could require some help on (i.e. Taurus, Vegeta, AWS Sagemaker, K6, etc.).

In one month…

  • You will understand the work dynamics within the Platform team and how it integrates with the rest of the company, that is to understand and participate in the different rituals present on the ways of working of the Platform team.
  • You will set up all the hardware and software required to start spinning up your learning curve on the different domains. Also, you will land in all company platforms that will enable you to perform certain operations as a Tymit Employee (such as Payfit, BambooHR, etc.)
  • You will understand the core parts at least as IaC of our Infrastructure in AWS, i.e. getting familiar with the Terraform project, and its general project structure.

In 3 months…

  • Performing pairing, you will perform cluster deployments and configurations, which will help you to understand on more deeper level how our cluster orchestration works
  • You will start learning how all the SLA/SLO composition works, how we capture those requirements and how at the very end those lands from the different SLIs into tangible configurations in Prometheus and Dashboards in Grafana.
  • You will start drilling down on the different CI/CD parts, understanding how the different CI/CD life cycles moving parts are working together helping developers to implement new pipelines and performing changes on pipelines libraries.

In 6 months…

  • You will start being involved in Security and Architecture conversations in order to understand the process of lifting any technical decision to Production. You will participate in those conversations with the different required areas (i.e. Penetration testing collaborators, PCI Compliance exercises, Security assessments, etc.).
  • You will understand how the scalability policies work within Tymit cluster, and you will define the new services to work around those. You will have to glue those requirements with the ones extracted from the SLO/SLA and SLI metrics.
  • You will start performing the implementation of some architectural decisions which go beyond of a simple deployment within Terraform and AWS.
  • You expect to participate actively in architectural meetings with other verticals like Backend, and design and implement potential ADRs extracted from those meetings.
  • You will start participating in internal company activities and processes like Hiring and Interviews from different company areas (like Platform)
  • You will be encouraged to run some workshops in collaboration with the team with the purpose of delivering value to other parts of engineering and business, and also to meet the team for some afterworks and engage in person!

Key technologies we use at Tymit

Platform team: Cloud Provider & Clustering (AWS, ECS), IaC (Terraform, Ansible & Packer), Observability (Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentd + Opensearch), CI/CD (Jenkins), Network stack (NGINX & Traefik)
At Tymit team we also work with technologies such as Java/Kotlin Quarkus/Micronaut, GraalVM, Gradle, Kotlin, SwiftUI, Swift, NodeJS, React/Redux/WebPack, Python, among others.

We are always open to adopting new tools to solve complex problems, so we’re ready to discuss options with anyone with the right experience.

What you will bring along

  • Proven mature experience using IaC technologies using Terraform and following well-known best architecture practices and optimal and secured configurations.
  • Knowledge and experience as an administrator in container deployment architecture, and experience with AWS ECS/Fargate will be a big plus!
  • Great experience using Containers and building complex ecosystems to help with testing and local dev envs.
  • Have a settled experience working with AWS Cloud.
  • Skills to know to understand the concepts/differences of reverse proxying & load balancer.
  • Great and mastered experience working with Pipelines as Code, and delivering those to teams of different natures and purposes (iOS, Android, Web, Backend, Data, etc.)
  • Experience defining SLO/SLIs and setting up observability systems.
  • Large experience with Linux systems (command line hero!) and development experience or willingness to learn about programming languages; we also love coding!

What you can expect from our hiring process

Stage 1
45 min. video call with Carla, part of Tymit’s People team. Understand your career plan and what motivates you about Tymit.
Stage 2
60 min. video-call with Fran, Platform team!. Brief technical discussion to understand more about the role and your skills.
Stage 3
90 min. video-call with Fran, Diego or Hector, from our Platform team! Technical discussion around a task to better understand your skills and give you a sneak peek of what it could be like working at Tymit.
Stage 4
60 min. video-call with two people from our mix of IT team (Fran H., Jesus, Luciano or Toni). Introduction to your future team to get a sense of Tymit’s culture.
Stage 5
?– Offer ?

If you have any disability, please let us know whether there are any adjustments we can make for our process to be more inclusive.

To meet our regulatory obligations as a licensed financial services company in the UK, Tymit needs to take background checks, Criminal and Credit checks, on our new hires to help us safeguard our users. If you have any concerns regarding this process, please discuss this with our People Team.

Tymit is made up of people from various backgrounds, and you are welcome for who you are, no matter where you come from, or what you look like. We seek to create a culture where everyone can belong because we believe that people do their best work to show up every day as their authentic selves. So, bring us your personal experience, your perspectives, and your background.

We do not make hiring or employment decisions based on race, religion, age, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, pregnancy status, or any other difference. If you have any disability, please let us know whether there are any adjustments we can make for our process to be more inclusive.

*Please, take into account that we do not provide Visa sponsorships, and you need to have the right to work in the countries where we are located.