Senior Frontend Developer

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Job Description

?? £60k-£70k per year on a full time, employment contract

?? 65k-80k EUR per year on a full time, contractor contract

? Fully remote working from anywhere in Europe!

✨ Exciting products, millions of users, sold to global brands

? Working with the latest hardware, tech stack and tools

?️‍♀️ Access to benefits (country dependent ?)

Storyteller is a platform that allows brands to integrate Stories functionality into their apps and websites. The platform is in use by multiple global brands serving millions of users. Check us out on our website or on ProductHunt!

We’re looking for an amazing Senior Frontend Developer to join our growing team and help push this product on to the next 100 million users.
You’ll be working with a friendly, talented team and have the opportunity to grow and lead both technically and in managing others. If the idea of a fast-paced, dynamic role with tonnes of opportunity for change, responsibility and innovation sounds exciting to you, then read on! 
Storyteller is a new B2B SaaS platform, which allows companies to integrate Stories into their owned and operated platforms. Popularized by Instagram and Snapchat, Stories are perfectly suited for boosting user engagement, audience retention, and driving advertising revenue. For customers, building their own stories experience can take years and a lot of investment however Storyteller has solved this by allowing companies to integrate in days, not years all for one monthly cost. Our end‑to‑end platform gives companies a best‑in‑class Stories experience in days with native iOS, Android, and Web SDKs, publishing tools, analytics, and ad support.
We work with globally-recognised clients in US TV and Sports industries. Every day we produce work that is innovative, challenging, and enjoyed by millions of people!
What can you expect?
You’ll be creating great user experiences from Figma designs by working with designers and other developers and writing accessible and reliable front-end code that works efficiently on all modern browsers.
  • Working with the latest web technologies – this mostly means HTML, CSS, JS, React and TypeScript
  • Working with build tools like NPM and Webpack
  • Using Git and GitHub to collaborate on code
  • Using tools like Storybook to build and test components
  • Using JIRA, Slack and Zoom to communicate with team members
  • Working with designers and other developers to build websites from specs produced in Figma
  • Testing your code on different browsers and devices
  • Testing and measuring performance using tools like Lighthouse
  • Learning and improving upon our internal coding standards
  • Self-evaluating and reviewing your own work, as well as providing feedback on code written by other team members
  • Developing your own skills by learning from other team members and through independent research
  • Deciding when to use an NPM package, which package to use or whether to write your own code and sharing your decision-making process
What’s important for us:
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in a similar role, including at least 1 year of experience working with React
  • A relevant degree, we may consider additional professional experience in lieu of a degree
  • Excellent HTML, CSS and JS fundamentals – can write semantic and accessible HTML, and build websites that are performant on modern browsers and devices
  • Experience using component-driven development to efficiently craft first-class web experiences
  • A desire to build fantastic user experiences on the web
  • Know how to write CSS and have experience using at least one methodology for keeping it maintainable – we normally use ITCSS with SCSS and component-driven development
  • Ability to learn and apply best practices during development for the purpose of keeping code maintainable, readable, and performant
  • Has an interest in creating well-crafted user experiences. An interest in UI/UX design is a bonus too
What’s nice to have:
  • An understanding of progressive enhancement and experience using it to habitually build the best user experiences for the most users possible
  • Experience using unit tests or experience with test-driven development
Modern Tech Stack
We use the latest tools, hardware and methodologies across our teams. We’re always on the look-out for new ways of working and ensure everyone is setup with enough hardware firepower to excel, Windows or Mac.
Agility Openness for Ideas
We actively encourage the entire team to share their ideas, with that in mind we regularly adopt and implement suggestions across the company, you’re the specialist here!

Operating with the agility of a high growth start-up, alongside the support you can expect from a larger organisation means we encourage quick decision making and a responsive, adaptive culture.

Outstanding People
We believe that great teams are built by a mixture of personality, skills and a passion for what people do. We’re a small, start-up team with around 30 people onboard. 
We’re a remote-first company and support 100% remote working for this role. The working hours for this role is 9am – 5:30pm UK/EU time.
Joining us means becoming an integral part of the whole team no matter where we’re physically working, we have a number of initiatives to create a team environment regardless of geographic location.


? £60,000 – £70,000 per year on a full time, employment contract, depending on experience and skills.
? 65,000 – 80,000 EUR (or local currency equivalent) full-time contractor contract, depending on experience and skills.



UK – Full time employment contract – fully remote working from anywhere in the UK!


EU – Full time contractor contract – fully remote working from anywhere in Europe!

First, you will be invited for a 60-minute interview via Zoom with Peter, Engineering Manager. Peter will ask about your previous experience, future career path and motivation for changing your job, as well as provide you with more details about our projects and working in our team.

If the interview goes well, we will invite you to a second step – a technical task. The last step is the final interview (45 minutes) with Dave, our CTO and Peter, Engineering Manager – it’s a mix of technical and culture-fit questions as well as reviewing your task.
And that’s it!