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(All applications will be considered ONLY through Wellfound. Please do not contact any employee of the company as no such contact/connection will be considered as an application for the job.)

This posting is for a Backend Software Engineer. We are a fully remote team and it does not matter which country or time zone you are in, as long as you are available from 10 AM to 1 PM EST. We are not looking for part-time contractors, so please only apply if you’re looking for a full-time position.

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We’re focused on enhancing our product for our clients and their users, as well as streamlining operations and improving our technical foundation. You will work on improving existing features and working on streamlining client implementations through improved tools Improving our technical architecture and building out a continuous integration pipeline


  • 3+ years of backend development experience
  • Experience with a programming language: NodeJS/Python/Golang/Ruby
  • Understanding of database fundamentals
  • Understanding of software design patterns
  • Experience working with algorithms
  • Experience using the following tools/packages: Git, Docker, NPM, eslint
  • Experience writing REST APIs


  • Functional programming experience with libraries such as lodash/fp, ramda, remeda (in the case of JS)
  • Experience working with Google Cloud, such as Google Functions, Cloud Run, Buckets, etc
  • Strong ability to break down a problem into fundamentals and resolve it in an elegant way
  • Experience with WebRTC, gRPC

Our stack:

  • NodeJS (pure JS)/Koa
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Python/Flask
  • GraphQL

Whatever else you decide – we’re constantly re-evaluating our stack and tools. Having prior experience with the technologies is a plus, but not mandatory for skilled candidates.

PS: Please add your Github account link to your application, as it will make the evaluation process easier and more robust.