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Bin Dayel Contracting is a company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has expertise over a broad range of specialized and qualitative contracting services, for both public as well as private sector organizations in the country and the neighboring gulf nations. Bin Dayel have implemented a variety of construction projects to serve the fields of health, education and housing.

In addition to contracting services, Bin Dayel is also renowned for providing comprehensive operations, management, cleaning and maintenance services to both private as well as public sector companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the company owns a specialist advertising and marketing team which has successfully tendered for a number of contracts, constituting those for the publicity and advertising in the General Presidency of Youth Welfare Stadia and on the well-known SAPTCO buses. The company also holds a considerable market share in selling medical equipment, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.

Bin Dayel has a group of highly qualified managers who have considerable expertise in profit oriented performance, project control and management. With the continuous project acquisition the comapny is making, it has succeeded in touching the value of SR 1,000 million, as far as commitment to these projects is concerned. Having future plans to develop and expand further, Bin Dayel is hiring talented professionals with the desired skills-set and qualifications.


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