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About Company

ECG Engineering Consultants is a joint stock company which provides range of professional services. It was founded in 1969 and based in Egypt and having branch offices in France, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Tanzania, Uganda, Kuwait, KSA and UAE. ECG believes in delivering high-quality work and maintains high desirable standards. The company provides specialized service in various industries like petroleum, buildings, transport, water and waste water, power and to name a few.


ECG Engineering provides whole range of specialized services which includes:


• Engineering and Architecture Design
• Construction Supervision
• Project Management
• Construction Management Suite


Their services includes a complete set of skills and various steps such as project identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, properties and site appraisal, selection of new sites for projects, design and detailed engineering of projects, construction management and procurement, construction supervision and inspection services and personal training.


The company has an 1800+ staff all over the world which includes professionals from various sectors such as planners, architectures, electricians, transport, geologist and lots more. ECG has efficient human resource development department which designs comprehensive policies for the employees to get the best output. They encourage applicants from across the globe to join the group and contribute in the growth of ECG with their skills and talent.

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