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About Company

Commodore Contracting L.L.C is a well-known name in the GCC construction industry. Established more than 3 decades ago, the construction based company deals in commercial and residential towers, hotels, villas and compounds. Apart from this, Commodore Contracting also undertakes projects involving construction of hospitals, shopping malls, clinics, industrial developments and hi-tech engineering & construction ventures.


The services’ portfolio of the company includes the following:

• Engineering, Design and Construction
• Value Management and Value Engineering
• Project Management and Planning
• Sustainability and Environmental Consulting
• Maintenance


Commodore Contracting L.L.C has expertise in tailoring solutions as per clients’ needs in the specialized areas, such as Commercial and Residential Buildings (towers, villas and palaces), Healthcare, Research and Education Facilities, Sports and Leisure Facilities, Hospitality and Retail Facilities, Light Gauge Steel structure buildings and villa compounds and many more.


To have a wide business horizon, services portfolio and resultant and huge clientele, Commodore has partnered with some of the big players of the construction arena. The esteemed list of partners includes names like Pomgrad Commodore Civil and Marine Construction Company WLL, ABAAD Wood Industries etc. Some of the well-known and successfully executed projects by the company are Seba Tower, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building, Fujairah Commercial Complex and Al Jassimya Tower. The construction based company has its successfully operating branches in major parts of the GCC like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Iraq and Lebanon. Apart from these places, Commodore Contracting has branches in Germany, Morocco, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

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