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Chiyoda CCC Engineering came into existence by merger of Chiyoda Corporation (CC) and Chiyoda Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). It was established in 2013, with an aim to target medium sized engineering and procured and Consolation Projects (EPC). The company is based in Dubai and with the years of experience and outstanding management, CCCEL takes care of oil and gas plants, and engineering projects.


They design unique and innovative system for the client which matches with the requirement and facilities, and provides an analytical input for the practical, flawless start-up. CCEL supports to draft a complete plan for the better execution of task which starts from FEED stage to final handover and maintenance of system. The company is providing services in field of engineering, procurement and construction.


CCEL highly appreciate the talent and understand the skills and capabilities of individual. With the strategic workforce planning and modern approach, CCEL is leading in handling engineering projects and believe in hiring and developing best people from industry.

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